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SteakburgersPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Steakburger (any size) XXX
Steakburger (any size) w/o cheese*XX
Steakburger (any size) w/o bunX
California Style Steakburger (any size)XXXX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o sauceXXX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o cheeseX*XX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o bunXX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o sauce or bunX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o cheese or bunX
California Style Steakburger (any size) w/o cheese, sauce or bun
Patty MeltXXX
Patty Melt w/o cheeseXX
Patty Melt w/o sauteed onionsXXX
Patty Melt w/o cheese or rye
Patty Melt w/o sauteed onions or ryeX

Other SandwichesPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
**Veggie BurgerXXXX
**Veggie Burger w/o cheeseX*XX
**Veggie Burger w/o sauceXXX
**Veggie Burger w/o bunXXXX
**Veggie Burger w/o cheese or bunXXX
**Veggie Burger w/o sauce or bunXXX
**Veggie Burger w/o cheese, sauce or bunXX
Grilled Cheese (Kids Meal)XXX
Grilled Chicken Breast SandwichX*XX
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich w/o bunX
Crispy Chicken Breast SandwichXXXX
Crispy Chicken Breast Sandwich w/o bunXXXX
Spicy Chicken Breast SandwichXXXX
Spicy Chicken Breast Sandwich w/o bunXXXX
Hot DogXX
Chicago Style Hot DogXX
Chili DogXXX
Chili Dog w/o cheeseXX
Hot Dog (any) w/o bun
Chicken Tenders X

**Some Texas locations use a veggie burger that contains egg in its ingredients. Please contact restaurant for specific ingredients.

SidesPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Freddy's Fries ++++++
Baked Lay's® OriginalX
Cheese Fries ++X++
Chili Cheese Fries ++X++X
Chili BowlXX
Chili Bowl w/o cheeseX
Crackers for chiliX
Cheese Curds XXXX
Onion Rings ++XX

CondimentsPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Freddy's Seasoning
Thousand Island DressingX
Freddy's Fry Sauce X
Freddy's Jalapeno Fry SauceX
BBQ Sauce
Ranch DressingXX
Honey Mustard Dressing
Sauteed OnionsX
American CheeseXX
Swiss CheeseXX
Cheese SauceX
Shredded CheeseX
Hot Dog BunsX
Hamburger Buns*XX
Rye BreadXX

Custard TreatsPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Vanilla cup XX
Chocolate cup XX
Vanilla cake coneXXX
Chocolate cake cone XXX
Vanilla waffle coneXXXX
Chocolate waffle cone XXXX
Vanilla ShakeXX
Vanilla MaltXXX
Chocolate Shake XX
Chocolate Malt XXX
Oreo Custard CookieXXXX

SundaesPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Hot Fudge Sundae XXX
Turtle Sundae *XXXX
Brownie Delight Sundae XXXX
Hawaiian Delight Sundae *XXX**
Dirt 'n Worms Sundae XXXX

ConcretesPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Turtle Concrete *XXXX
PBC&B Concrete XXXX
Brownie Delight Concrete XXXX
Hawaiian Delight Concrete *XXX**
Dirt 'n Worms Concrete XXXX

ToppingsPeanutsTree NutsEggMilkGlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Cake ConeX
Waffle ConeXX
Almonds *X
Banana Syrup
Butterscotch SyrupX
Hot CaramelX
Cashews *XX
Cherry Topping
Chocolate ChipsXX
Hot FudgeXX
Chocolate Syrup
Coffee Flavoring
Cookie Dough**XXXX
Gummi Worms
Heath® Toffee*X*X*X
Macadamia Nuts *X
Malt SyrupX
Marshmallow X
Mint Syrup
Peanut ButterX
Pecans *X
Pineapple Topping
Rainbow Sprinkles**X
Reese's® PB CupXXX
Reese's® PiecesXXX
Strawberry Topping
Icing (for custard cakes)XX
Nutter Butter® WaferXXX
Oreo® WaferXX
Whipped CreamX
Whipped Topping

Drinks (Any Size)PeanutsTree NutsEggMilkWheat/GlutenSoybeanFishShellfishMSG
Diet Pepsi®
Dr. Pepper®
Diet Dr. Pepper®
Mug® Root Beer
Mountain Dew®
Diet Mountain Dew®
Tropicana® Pink Lemonade
Mist Twist®
Tropicana® Lemonade
Tropicana® Fruit Punch
Pepsi® Wild Cherry
Splenda® Sugar Free Sweet Tea
Luzianne® Iced Tea Unsweet
Luzianne® Iced Tea Sweetened with Sugar
Lipton Brisk® Raspberry
Lipton Brisk® Peach
Tropicana® Light Lemonade
Tropicana® Orange Twister
Sobe® Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate

*Contains an ingredient that was manufactured in a plant that uses that allergen.
++Fried in same fryer as chicken strips and onion rings (gluten and whey).

Our restaurants prepare and serve products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk, egg, and fish. To ensure our guests’ safety, we cannot guarantee any of our products are free of these allergens. Freddy’s cooks with highly refined soybean oil. According to the FDA, highly refined oils, such as highly refined soybean oil, is not considered a major food allergen.

None of our products are certified as vegetarian. (Our steakburgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, and veggie burgers are cooked on the same grill; all of our fried items are cooked in the same highly refined soybean oil.) Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, its franchisees, and employees do not assume responsibility for a particular sensitivity or allergy to any food provided in our restaurants. In addition, test products, test formulations or regional items have not been included on this sheet. This information is based on standard product recipes, but variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, changes in recipes, product assembly at the restaurant level, the region of the country and the season of the year. The FDA does not consider soybean oil to be an allergen. Some of these items may contain highly refined soybean oil. If you have any questions about food allergies or sensitivities, we recommend that you contact your medical professional. This information is correct as of June 2019.

**According to the FDA, highly refined oils, such as soy, are not considered allergenic and therefore aren’t identified in this chart.