6 Best Franchises for Veterans In 2023

Looking for the best franchises for veterans in 2023 and beyond? Review our list of franchises that give the very best assistance to veterans looking to own a business. 

Military Friendly Franchises: What to Look For

As a U.S. veteran looking for the next step in your entrepreneurial journey, you might already know that franchising is a great option.  Franchises provide a structured and proven business model with support from an established brand, requiring some of the same skills you developed during your military service. Communication, leadership, dedication to a goal, and a commitment to hard work are all qualities you already have that you’ll use as a franchisee.

With so many franchise opportunities available, you need to know which are best for veterans in 2023 and beyond. There are a few factors to keep in mind as a veteran.

  • Some franchises offer benefits or discounts for veterans like reduced franchise fees or royalty rates as a show of appreciation for your service. These savings can make opening your own franchise more accessible.
  • Most franchisors provide support and training, an asset for any new entrepreneur. But as a veteran, you’re uniquely attuned to such structure. You can also take advantage of a network of fellow franchisees who can help guide you, sharing experience and support.
  • Look for franchises that are in demand and have growth potential. A well-known brand gives you a competitive edge. And make sure the brand you choose aligns with your values, skills, and provides you the opportunity to meet financial and personal goals.

Top Franchises to Consider

Beyond offering financial incentives to show gratitude for your service, many franchisors also know that military vets make great franchisees. You get a leg up with opening your new business, and the franchisor gets a skilled leader to help the franchise grow. Let’s look at six types of the best franchises to own for veterans:

  1. Fitness franchise: If you’re a veteran who wants to make a business out of your love for health and wellness, consider a fitness franchise. Anytime Fitness, a leading 24-hour gym franchise, offers incentives like reduced franchise fees and support with site selection, marketing, and operations.
  2. Travel franchise: Some veterans have traveled the world, making you ideal guides for others. Cruise Planners offers vets incentives and discounts, training, marketing support, and exclusive travel deals.
  3. Cleaning franchise: You can manage a team of cleaners with a cleaning franchise. MaidPro is a residential cleaning service offering veterans a discount on fees, training, site selection, and marketing.
  4. Hair care franchise: Veterans know how important grooming is, making a hair care franchise an interesting choice. Sport Clips is a sports-themed salon providing training, marketing support, and a strong presence in the hair care industry.
  5. Postal franchise: Shipping and printing businesses require organization and management skills perfect for veterans. The UPS Store is a well-known brand in the shipping and printing industry, offering veterans reduced fees, a strong brand, training, and ongoing support.
  6. Fast casual franchise: Veterans’ discipline and work ethic make the fast casual market a good fit. One of the best franchises for veterans, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is a fast casual franchise known for freshly churned frozen custard and made to order steakburgers. Freddy’s has multi-unit growth opportunities, training, site selection, and marketing support. With values rooted in patriotic service as the foundation of this franchise, now is the time for veterans to make Freddy’s their franchise of choice.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Founded in Patriotic Service

Named for Purple Heart and World War II veteran Freddy Simon, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was founded in 2002 by Freddy’s sons, Bill and Randy, and partner Scott Redler. Freddy’s is a fast-casual brand, with Freddy Simon as the touchstone. It is focused on traditions like family, quality, hospitality, cleanliness, heart & service to our communities. We offer a simple menu with multiple dayparts and use only premium ingredients. Freddy’s brings families together through great food and service.

As a franchisee of Freddy’s, you will be set up for success and growth with extensive support. You will benefit from help with site selection, restaurant layout, marketing, operations, training, plus ongoing support once your locations are open. In addition, the Freddy Simon Salute to Veterans Program incentive provides a 25% reduction in the initial Franchise Fee for the first unit only to honorably discharged veterans.

We have available territories with multi-unit opportunities for you to explore. Learn more about how Freddy’s supports veterans’ dreams of owning a business. Fill out and submit a franchise form today.

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