Freddy’s Serving Up Awesome Old School Steakburgers & Thick Custard Shakes

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Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers are the ‘new kid on the burger block’ in greater Charleston, or in this case Oakbrook of Summerville. While the Wichita Kansas based franchised chain has been around for nearly two decades, the Oakbrook location threw open their doors on November 16th, and judging by their dining room and their double drive-thru, they have been met with resounding welcome.

Freddy’s success story is one that mirrors the American dream. Founded in 2002 by brothers Bill (1955–2016) and Randy Simon, as well as restaurateur Scott Redler, the fast-casual restaurant chain was named for Bill and Randy’s father Freddy, a WWII veteran who died in 2020 at the ripe old age of 95.

Bill and Randy wanted to pay tribute to their father’s service, and create an eatery reminiscent of the burger joints popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. Fast forward 20 years and Freddy’s operates close to 400 restaurants in 33 states with the Summerville location one of the newest in the Freddy’s burger family.

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