FredHead Feed: Celebrate National OREO® Day at Freddy’s!

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National OREO® Cookie Day is March 6 and we are ready to celebrate! OREO® Cookies are one of the most beloved toppings FredHeads enjoy on their Freddy’s rich & creamy frozen custard. There are so many ways to add them to your custard treats- the possibilities are endless!

History of OREO® CookiesA stack of OREO Custard Sandwiches at Freddy's

OREO® Cookies were introduced in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company, which is known today as Nabisco. No one knows for sure where the name “Oreo” comes from, but some speculate the name originates from the Latin word “Oreodaphne,” a genus of the laurel family of plants. The original OREO® Cookie design featured a laurel wreath around the edges. Today, OREO® Cookies are available in over 100 countries and are one of the most popular cookies in the world.

How our FredHeads Eat Their OREO® Cookies:

  1. On a sundae (vanilla or chocolate!)
  2. Blended into a shake
  3. Dirt ‘n Worms (a super fun combo)
  4. Add OREO® Cookies to our Chocolate Brownie Delight
  5. OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete (available for a limited time at participating locations!)
  6. OREO® Cookies and Cheesecake
  7. OREO® Cookies and Cookie Dough
  8. OREO® Cookies and Hot Fudge
  9. OREO® Cookies and Peanut Butter


For a bigger bite of OREO® Cookies, you can pick up our OREO® Custard Sandwiches. These large OREO® Cookies wafers are filled with chocolate or vanilla custard- yum!

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate OREO® Cookie Day at home, try adding your own decoration to your Custard Cookie Sandwiches at home! You can dip or drizzle them in chocolate, add sprinkles, or spread some icing on top.

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Ready to dive into a delicious OREO® Cookie treat? Head to a Freddy’s location near you!
OREO® And The OREO® Wafer Design Are Registered Trademarks Of Mondelez International Group, Used Under License.