FredHead Feed: Chilly Day? Chili Day.

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What food is so good that it can make your taste buds happy and keep you warm at the same time? Freddy’s chili, of course! We serve hot & savory all-beef chili that is used to create our chili cheese fries, chili cheese dog, chili burger and a cup or bowl to enjoy!

Our cups and bowls of chili are served with shredded cheese, diced onions and crackers, but they can be customized to your liking (add jalapenos for a little kick!). You can order these steamy dishes as a side or as a meal with fries and a drink!

ChiliCheeseFriesChili cheese fries add a hot twist to our famous shoestring fries. Topped with chili, cheese sauce and diced onions, these fries are the perfect kick to pair with your steakburger.

ChiliCheeseDogwithFriesThe chili cheese dog is a classic (and delicious!) item on the Freddy’s menu. We take one of our Vienna Beef all-beef hot dogs, add chili, shredded cheese and diced onion, and place it in a perfectly toasted bun.

Although it isn’t listed as an item on the menu, Guests can add chili to any of our steakburgers, which are cooked-to-order to leave room for customization (such as adding a fresh cup of chili!).

Ready for some hot chili? Head to your local Freddy’s!