FredHead Feed: Freddy’s Rewards—How to Earn & Use Your Loyalty Points

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FredHead_Feed_Logo How to Earn & Use Your Loyalty Points

Appreciation. The word that comes to mind when we think of you, our Guest. We appreciate and consider you in everything we do—from the quality of the cooked-to-order, sizzling steakburgers we serve, to the excellent Guest experience we strive for. Now, we can show our appreciation for our FredHeads (what’s a FredHead, you ask? We’ll tell you!) with Freddy’s Rewards! Simply open your app, tap “Earn Points” and show to the cashier and voila! Earn points toward free and delicious food & frozen custard!

Reasons to Join Our Loyalty Program

Here are a few more reasons you should download the app from the App Store or Google Play today.

  1. Because you are a FredHead™, of course!
  2. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!
  3. We’ll give you a birthday gift! (Hint: It’s 500 points! Enough for a free sundae—or other yummy goodness!)

Join the Freddy’s Rewards program and start earning points toward free rich & creamy frozen custard, a tasty Chicago Dog, a piping hot side of cheese fries or something else that satisfies your appetite!

Reward Point Details

Phone screen with Freddy's loyalty program

How Do You Earn Points?

As a FredHead, spend $1 at Freddy’s and earn 10 points.  Earn enough points and you can start cashing them in for even more Freddy’s food on your next visit. There are two ways to earn Freddy’s Rewards.

1. Receipt Details 

If you are like many of our Guests and choose to visit our restaurants for the atmosphere, happy team members and great experience, then you are in luck! You can use your app in-restaurant or in the drive-thru and earn your points right at the register!

Click the little red cone in the upper right corner and show the cashier the rewards code. Your points will be added to your account. Points will be awarded based on your total, prior to tax. Points are typically updated within 24 hours of your purchase.

Forgot to show the number to the cashier? No worries! You can still earn your points on the app! Tap Rewards, then the red cone icon in the top right corner. At the bottom of your screen, click ENTER A RECEIPT. This will take you to a screen where you can enter a few details found on your receipt to claim your points.

2. Mobile Ordering

The Freddy’s mobile app was created specifically for our Guests. Order on the app for pick up at your favorite Freddy’s, and your points will be added automatically to your Freddy’s Rewards account.  When placing a mobile order, you can choose dine-in, carryout. If mobile ordering isn’t yet available in your area, stay tuned! You can still earn points in at the register in the restaurant, at the drive thru window, or by entering your receipt details into the app!

Reward Levels

We have three reward levels. The more you order, the quicker you earn and can start redeeming your points! Each of these levels has different delicious rewards to choose from.

  1. 500 Points
  2. 1000 Points
  3. 2000 Points

What do you get with each level? Check them out in the app: open the Freddy’s app, click on the REWARDS tab at the bottom and then click SEE WHAT I CAN GET. Research was never so appetizing!

How Do You Redeem Points?

Redeeming points is just as easy as earning them. If redeeming in-restaurant, simply tell the cashier you have a reward you’d like to use, place your order, and show the cashier your app rewards code. If you’re ordering on your phone, simply follow the steps to free food or frozen custard in the app! Easy peasy!

Redeem Points:

Redeem Points Drive-Thru:

We can’t wait to see what our FredHeads are getting with their points. Show us by tagging us in your posts and using #FredHead on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Loyalty Program

Have questions about Freddy’s Rewards, but can’t find your answer here? Check this page out for all the FAQs.

Ready to earn your Freddy’s Rewards? Get moving to your Freddy’s or order on the app and start raking in the points!