FredHead Feed: What is #FredHead™?

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FredHead_Feed_Logo What is #FredHead™?


If you’ve seen the term “FredHead™” used anywhere (like this post!), you might be wondering what exactly it means. FredHead™ simply refers to our most loyal Freddy’s fans. We use this term on our social media, our blog posts and within our new app!

When you create an account within the app, you become an official FredHead™. Our team members may ask you if you are a FredHead™ during your next visit to your local Freddy’s. This is simply asking whether or not you have the Freddy’s app.

We would love to see your Freddy’s photos! Use #FredHead™ to tag us in your posts. We may even reach out to you for permission to use your photos in our own media!

Girl eating Freddy's


You can check out the FredHead Feed blog posts on our website to find news, updates and information on all things Freddy’s! Read about everything from the story behind our Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce® to how to perfectly customize your frozen custard order.

Tell us (or even better, show us) what makes you a #FredHead™ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.