FredHead Feed: It’s OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete Time At Freddy’s

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Looking for that cool, chocolatey treat to get you into the spring-season mood? Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has just what you need, our OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete. Fresh and creamy frozen custard blended with cool mint and crunchy OREO® Cookies, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with OREO®Cookie crumbs. A spring treat you can’t resist (and it’s so pretty)!

What makes the Freddy’s  OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete different than a mint chocolate chip milkshake?

  1. Made with frozen custard, not ice cream
    Well first, our concrete starts with our delicious, freshly churned every day in our restaurants, vanilla frozen custard – it’s seriously so creamy and smooth (much denser than ice cream).
  2. It’s a concrete, not a shake (though, we do love shakes too!)
    Since the frozen custard is already denser than ice cream, when it’s blended with toppings – in this case, just the right amount of cool mint and crunchy OREO® Cookies – it creates a frozen dessert much thicker than a shake (it definitely requires a spoon) and oh, so delightful!
  3. We use OREO® Cookies for that extra crunch
    When you think of a chocolate treat, what comes to mind? OREOs, of course! We use OREOs in our concrete to give it that chocolate crunch that only OREOs can provide – you know what we’re talking about!

Top it all off with a dollop of whipped cream and even more OREO®Cookie pieces, you can’t go wrong!

How can I make my OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete my own recipe?

Already love our OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete and want to make it your own way? Try a few of our FredHeads’ favorite ways to customize your OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete .

  • Make it a shake
  • Add chocolate chips or hot fudge – yum!
  • Ask for it to be made with our chocolate custard
  • Brownie, add lots of brownie!
  • Add a sprinkle of M&Ms®

Whether you decide to create-your-own OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete  or enjoy it just like it is, you will get a little taste of spring (even if it does not feel like spring outside, quite yet, we know it’s coming!).


What is your favorite way to enjoy a OREO® Cookie Mint Concrete ?

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Just remember, this seasonal favorite is only around for a short while at participating locations across the country, so don’t let spring (or St. Patty’s Day) pass you by without one (or two, or three . . . you get the idea!).


OREO® And The OREO® Wafer Design Are Registered Trademarks Of Mondelez International Group, Used Under License.