Salted Caramel HEATH Toffee Concrete – The delicious dessert that’s only here for a limited time!

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FredHead_Feed_LogoSalted Caramel HEATH Toffee Concrete – The delicious dessert that’s only here for a limited time!

Tis the season…for comfort food! It’s the time of year when we pull out all of our favorite full-flavored recipes. Whether it’s a beefy bowl of chili, Grandma’s chocolate pie with a twist, or something delightfully sweet, the winter months wouldn’t be the same without something rich and filling to enjoy.


We’re excited to introduce, for a limited time, Freddy’s Salted Caramel Heath® Toffee Concrete. Buttery salted caramel + sweet, rich chocolate = ingredients for the ultimate comfort dessert! Add blissful little bits of Heath® toffee and it’s a sweet treat worth eating in the car…around the corner from the house…where no one can see you…so you don’t have to share a single bite!

What is in a Salted Caramel Heath Toffee Concrete?

Glad you asked! The newest addition to our concrete family is fresh and creamy vanilla custard blended with delectable salted caramel and crunchy Heath® toffee, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with Heath® toffee bits.

How is a Freddy’s Salted Caramel Heath Toffee Concrete Made?

  • Freddy’s creamy, vanilla frozen custard
  • Add chocolate, salted caramel topping and Heath® toffee bits
  • Blend to concrete perfection
  • Top with whipped cream
  • Sprinkle with more delicious Heath® toffee bits!

What is a Concrete Dessert?

A Freddy’s concrete is made with your choice of vanilla or chocolate frozen custard and blended to perfection in one of our generously portioned frozen custard cups. You can have it plain or with any of our yummy mix-ins.

Frozen Custard vs Ice Cream

What’s the difference? Frozen Custard originated on New York’s Coney Island at the turn of the 20th century. It’s smoother and richer than ice cream, thanks to a time-tested churning process that minimizes ice crystals and excess air. It’s much denser than ice cream (and we think it’s tastier, too!).

Of course, Freddy’s makes a good thing even better by using only America’s finest dairy ingredients and by churning our frozen custard throughout the day, every day in each restaurant. So, it’s always fresh and ready when you are.

A concrete is Freddy’s fresh and creamy frozen custard blended with mix-ins like chocolate fudge, caramel, candy pieces or fruit. The name “concrete” came about because the finished treat is so thick it can be served to our Guests upside down.

We’re lucky to have Guests who love to show us why they think we have the best frozen custard!



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Where can you get a satisfyingly salty & sweet Salted Caramel Heath® Toffee Concrete?

At any participating Freddy’s restaurant!


Show off your Salted Caramel Heath® Toffee Concrete (or whatever your favorite Freddy’s treat may be)!

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