FredHead Feed: Fun (And Yummy) Summer Activities for the Family

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Summer Activities—Kid-Friendly Games & Foods

You’ve made it! Distance learning is winding down, working from home is becoming (somewhat) easier and quarantine restrictions are beginning to lift.

Next hurdle: keep your creative critters busy and productive over the summer.

No matter what phase of re-opening you’re in, this list of fun summer activities is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Missing the rush from spring and summer sports? Put your sibling rivalry to work and cultivate a (friendly) at-home culinary competition.

Blindfolded Topping Taste TestFreddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Toppings

Family fun can come in small packages—or dishes. Grab some small dishes and let everyone fill each with a different traditional or not-so traditional ice cream topping. Have everyone in the fam put on a blindfold, try each topping and give their best guess as to which one’s which. Whoever guesses the most correctly, wins! Need ideas for yummy toppings? Click here.  Or go to your favorite Freddy’s and order them to-go with a quart or pint of frozen custard.

Banana Split Relay Race

Gather all your favorite banana split ingredients. A quart or two of Freddy’s frozen custard—chocolate, vanilla, or half & half, bananas, fudge sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

  1. Split your group into teams.
  2. Get enough large bowls for each team, plus one more.
  3. Give each group a bowl.
  4. Put all of the ingredients into the large bowl that is left over.
  5. The race begins with the first person in each group cutting bananas into the team’s bowl.
  6. When that person finishes, pass the bowl to the next team member to get the next ingredient from the ingredient bowl.
  7. Then, that team member rushes the bowl back to the next.
  8. Repeat until the banana split is finished.
  9. The first team done wins! Best part? Everyone gets to enjoy a messy, but freshly made, delicious banana split!

Custard Cookie Face Painting Contest

Hit up your favorite Freddy’s restaurant for some delicious OREO® Frozen Custard Sandwiches. Next, round up some frosting, candy and other goodies to add to your cookie creations. Set a timer and see who can create their Custard Cookie Creature the fastest (and cutest, of course!). Set up a poll on your social media page and tag us! Maybe your masterpiece will be featured on one of our pages.


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Where can I get a some delicious Freddy’s frozen custard?

At every Freddy’s across the USA!


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