Finally: A favorite Wichita restaurant launches rewards app letting diners earn free stuff

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Fellow FredHeads of Wichita: Just think of all the free steakburgers we could have earned by now if only this had happened sooner.

They haven’t advertised it beyond social media yet, but Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers — the Wichita-based chain that has 340 locations — has just launched its new rewards program nationally. That means those of us who eat there on the regular can start earning points toward free burgers, fries, custard and more every time we visit.

The program launched via the restaurant’s app on June 25, but so far, only Part 1 — the part that allows diners to earn points toward free stuff — is functioning. Part 2 — mobile ordering — will launch this fall, and that’s when the chain plans to amp up the marketing.

It’s easy to get started earning points. All you have to do is download the Freddy’s app on your phone. Once you have, you order at a Freddy’s restaurant and click the custard icon on your phone. A four-digit code will pop up, which you show to the cashier, and the app will tally and store your points.

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