FredHead Feed: 5 Easy & Delicious Kid-Friendly Recipes

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Cooking at Home With Kids

It’s said that the kitchen is the gathering place of a home. It’s where family bonds are built. Everyone can unplug and reconnect while they whip up something scrumptious to enjoy, whether eating in the dining room or having a picnic on the lawn.

What Makes it Kid-Friendly?

The kitchen knows no age limit. Kids and kids-at-heart can all contribute in their own way.

  • Littles can help with smaller tasks—like pouring, kneading, taste-testing, oven security (now this is a very important job—watching whatever is baking in the oven by the glow of the oven light and listening for the timer).
  • School-aged kiddos can gather ingredients, measure (you can even turn it into a math lesson!), mix and other prep work.
  • Tweens & teens can find their inner chef by taking ownership of the menu and actually cooking the entire meal. Plus, if their hobby is camping on their device, they can use their precious screen-time to research some great summer recipes!


Beat the heat with these delectable dishes.

  •  Red, White and Blue Custard Sandwiches


  • Freddy’s Freezer Pops


  • Fried Cheeseburger Balls


  • Summer Pasta Salad


  • Freddy’s Patriotic Parfait


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Where can I get a some delicious Freddy’s frozen custard?

At every Freddy’s across the USA!