FredHead Feed: Easy Halloween Treats, Freddy’s-Style

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Halloween is just around the corner! School parties, neighborhood get togethers and gatherings with family and friends are all part of the fun . . . but the question always come up, what Halloween treat should I bring?

Check out this super simple and very quick DIY recipe using Freddy’s custard cookie sandwiches (of course, we think all good recipes should start with Freddy’s!):

  1. Go to your local Freddy’s and buy several OREO® Frozen Custard Sandwiches
  2. Grab some gummy worms and chocolate frosting/icing at your favorite grocery store

Now you’re ready to decorate!


Oreo® Custard Cookie Sandwich spiders

  1. Cut the gummy worms in half so you have 6 spider legs
  2. Arrange your Oreo® Custard Cookie Sandwiches on your favorite Halloween plate
  3. Place 3 gummy worm halves on each side of the custard cookie to create the spider legs
  4. Enjoy!

Custard Cookie Sandwich jack-o-lanterns

  1. Arrange your Custard Cookie Sandwiches on your favorite Halloween plate
  2. Put your chocolate frosting/icing in a zip-top bag and cut the corner (the smaller the cut the better)
  3. Draw jack-o-lantern faces on the custard cookies
  4. Enjoy!

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What have you made with Freddy’s Custard Cookie Sandwiches? Share it with us, and you never know, it might make it on our Pinterest board.

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