FredHead Feed: Freddy’s Charcuterie Board

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Looking for the best way to be a VIP guest at your next (socially distanced) party? Try bringing Freddy’s for the group! It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Freddy’s Charcuterie Board

Freddy's Charcuterie Board on Pinterest

Mix and match your favorite Freddy’s items to create this Freddy’s charcuterie board. Steakburgers, hot dogs, lettuce wraps, fries, cheese curds, chicken tenders, onion rings… anything you can fit on your plate! For convenience, you can place an order in our drive-thru or make a carry out order from our mobile app!

Freddy's Charcuterie Board

Ready to pick up your favorite Freddy’s foods? Head to a location near you or order on our Freddy’s app!