FredHead Feed: Social Distancing Boredom Busters

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Does quarantine have the kids (and you) climbing the walls? Freddy’s has you covered. Wrestle social distancing restlessness with these five activities:

  1. Use math to make dessert. Keep those little minds sharp in a fun way! Choose your favorite Freddy’s DIY recipe and have the kids use a little mental muscle to create a sweet treat. They can measure out the ingredients and even do a little division to figure out how much each person gets when it’s finished. Sounds like a delicious math lesson to us!

2. Gush over pictures of puppies! Who doesn’t love human’s adorable best friend enjoying a refreshing frozen custard Pup Cup? Our furry friends are sure to brighten your day. It’s too bad they’re not available for cuddles.

3. Indoor family campout. Build a blanket fort in the living room, lay out the sleeping bags and watch scary (or not-so-scary) movies with your Freddy’s takeout.

4. Play board games. Go through the drive-thru at Freddy’s, take it home, gather around the table for dinner and board games. Put your own twist on them and make up your own rules. Ex: Silly Scrabble(R)—any word counts, but only if it isn’t a real word. Use it in a sentence. Give it a meaning. Have fun!

5. Color! Pique your little Picasso’s interest with our coloring pages. Download them here, grab some crayons and go to town! After their masterpiece is finished, take a picture of their art and post on social media (every proud parent loves to show off their little’s beautiful artwork) and tag Freddy’s!

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Car picnic kind of day! #FreddysDriveThru ?: @chocolate_muscle_foodie

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Hello everyone, meet my new friend! Or should I say…clone? ??‍♂‍ That’s right, I now have my very own @cuddleclones! You’ll notice we look a little different (I’m obvi more handsome), but mom got him in the likeness of my younger self. Still got the same floppy ear, same happy expression, and we even sit the same way. And you know he isn’t the real Jax without a love for French fries ?? Thank you to the team at @cuddleclones for bringing us the best present ever ❤️ • • • #Austin #Texas #AustinTexas #cuddeclones #ccSheltie #twins #clone #dogswithstuffedanimals #stuffedanimal #Sheltie #ShetlandSheepdog #DogsofInstagram #seniordoglove #USAPetoftheWeek #DogsaroundAustin #DogsofAustin #Dogsof512 #SheltiesofInstagram #Buzzfeedpets #KVUE #KXAN #dogsterdogs #weratedogs #SLPets #ATXdogs #SheltiePuppy #TGIJax #ATXPawsomePets

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Where can I get Freddy’s?

Across the USA!