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Freddy's Veggie Burger

Huffpost named Freddy's veggie burger as a favorite veggie option

February 01, 2021

Some days, all you want is to hightail it to your favorite Freddy’s and sink your teeth into a savory, flavorful, melted-cheese-dripping…veggie burger? That’s right! It’s one of our best-kept secrets. (Well, maybe it’s not so secret.)


A Freddy’s Veggie Burger is not your average black bean burger. It’s grilled perfectly on our flat top, then topped with a melty slice of American cheese, a full slice of onion, creamy Thousand Island, crispy lettuce and a fresh tomato slice. You can get all that veggie goodness on a perfectly toasted bun or as a lettuce wrap. In fact, it’s so delicious, it was recently featured as one of HuffPost’s favorite veggie options! 


CLICK HERE to read that article.


@madison_vegan.eats_ photo of a veggie burger


Whether it’s meatless Monday (or Friday) or no-meat is your everyday jam; whether you’ve never had the pleasure or it’s your Freddy’s go-to, get to Freddy’s and enjoy our delicious throwback staple.