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Customizing your custard treat at Freddy's

February 02, 2021

Make it your own!

With two flavors of creamy custard and 32 (yes, really 32!) toppings to choose from, the possibilities of ordering custard from Freddy’s are truly endless. Of course, our five signature treats are fan favorites, but if you’re looking to customize your dessert, we’ve got you covered. Who knew breaking the rules could be so sweet?


Custard Flavors

At Freddy’s, our custard is freshly churned throughout the day. You can order your favorite treats with vanilla, chocolate or half & half of both!


Sundaes vs. Concretes

Any mix of custard and toppings can be made into a sundae or a concrete. It all depends on how you’d like it served! Sundaes come in a dish and have custard on the bottom with toppings piled on top. Concretes come in cups and are blended, mixing your toppings into your custard. Both options are super delicious; it really all depends on how you like your toppings!


Shakes & Malts

If you’re looking for a cold, creamy milkshake or malt, we have those too! Served in concrete cups, we add milk (or milk & malt) to our custard, give it a whirl on the blender and… voilà! You have a thick, creamy shake or malt that can be sipped through a straw. If you would like yours a little thinner than we normally make them, simply ask for it thin when you order, and we’ll make sure to blend it a bit longer.


Waffle & Cake Cones

If you’d like your custard in a cone, we have options for that too! Cake cones are traditional sugar cones, while waffle cones are larger and are made from thin, crispy waffle pieces. Both cones can have anywhere from one to three scoops of custard, depending on how high you want to stack it!



All of our custard comes in three sizes: mini, regular and large. They equal out to about a scoop in the mini, two in the regular and three in the large.

We are often asked if there’s a size smaller than the mini (our heaping Freddy’s scoops of custard are designed to give you the most bang for your buck!). While there isn’t a smaller size listed, you can order a mini sundae and ask for it “split.” This will tell the team member to separate the sundae into two mini cups; perfect for sharing!


Pints & Quarts

Can’t get enough of your favorite custard flavor? Take home a pint or quart to enjoy later! Every Freddy’s restaurant is stocked with vanilla, chocolate and half & half pints and quarts for guests to grab, but specialty orders can always be placed at the register. We’re happy to blend in your favorite toppings so you can take them with you!


Extra Toppings

Want to add some extra sweetness to your custard creation? No problem! Extra scoops of toppings are available for an added cost, but they’re worth every penny. Extra toppings can be added to any custard treat, including our signature creations.

What if you don’t want to add a topping to a specialty sundae or concrete and you just want to replace something? We’re happy to do that too! Just ask to substitute one of the original ingredients with the topping of your choice.