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steakburger & lettuce wrap

Top FredHead favorites of 2020

December 31, 2020

Even though 2020 looked different with many restaurants closing their doors to dine-in services, food delivery and carry-out have remained a constant moving into 2021. After counting down the New Year, we counted down our Guests’ favorite menu items of 2020 with all our favorite #FredHeads!


Check out our Top Menu Items of 2020 to help you decide what to order on your next visit.


Top 5 Freddy’s Steakburgers of 2020:


5. Coming in at #5 is the Freddy’s Original Double, which has all the fixings of our #1 pick, minus the cheese.


4. Of course, let’s not forget the Freddy’s Original Patty Melt. Never tried our patty melt? Stop by and try it: two steakburger patties, grilled onions, and Swiss cheese, all served on toasted rye bread.


3. Fresh from the West Coast is our Double Steakburger California Style which is our 3rd fan favorite. This comes with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese and Thousand Island with two steakburger patties. 


2. In second place is our Double Bacon & Cheese Steakburger, which has everything you know and love about the Original Double with cheese, but with crispy bacon added to it!


1. Our number 1 combo is not just #1 on the Freddy’s menu, but #1 in our #FredHeads’ hearts. Holding its place at the top of our steakburgers is the Freddy’s Original Double with cheese, which is served with two sizzling steakburger patties, American cheese, mustard, onion and pickle OR get creative and customize it exactly the way you like it.

Want to ditch some calories? Order any of our delicious burgers and sandwiches as a lettuce wrap!


Top 5 Frozen Custard Treats of 2020:


You cannot stop at Freddy’s and not grab some custard while you’re there (after all, it’s in our name for a reason)! Here are our #FredHead favorites of 2020:


5. Kicking off the top 5 is our Dirt ‘n Worms sundae, which is a fan favorite of our young (or young at heart) FredHeads! A scoop of vanilla custard topped with crunchy Oreo® cookies and sweet gummy worms makes a treat that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age!


4. The Signature Turtle sundae is a FredHead favorite every year, and 2020 was no different, with it taking the fourth spot among the hearts of everyone in Freddy’s nation. Creamy vanilla custard + hot fudge and caramel + pecan pieces = a delicious treat for you to try on your next visit!


3. In the third spot is our Chocolate shake! This is made with our premium chocolate custard and can be paired with any topping to create your ideal custard treat!


2. The runner up is our Vanilla concrete, which is a creamy-blended treat best paired with your favorite Freddy’s combo. Mix up your order by mixing-in your favorite toppings to create the perfect concrete.


1. At the top is our Vanilla shake which pairs perfectly with a steakburger combo. You can even try dipping a side of shoestring fries in it. Yum!


Top 5 Sides of 2020:


It is not Freddy’s without the sides! Whether you enjoy our sides by themselves piping-hot straight out of the to-go bag, or alongside your favorite Freddy’s steakburger, you can never go wrong by dipping them in our Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce® or Freddy’s Famous Jalapeño Fry Sauce®!


5. Starting off in fifth place Cheese Fries were a fan favorite of our #FredHeads this year.


4. Up next, our Chili Cheese Fries! These are a perfect side any time of year and go perfectly with our Vienna® Beef all-beef hot dogs.


3. Our ooey-gooey Cheese Curds are a great way to celebrate any Freddy’s visit! Cheese curds are made with our premium white cheddar cheese lightly covered with butter crumbs and fried to a golden perfection. FredHeads love to dip these in Freddy’s Fry Sauce, many of our dipping sauce options, frozen custard, or even be bold and dip them in caramel!


2. Always a fan favorite, our Onion Rings rang in at second this year, and are the perfect complement to any Freddy’s steakburger, chicken sandwich, lettuce wrap or veggie burger combo.


1. We are not surprised our Shoestring Fries were the top pick for sides in 2020. They pair perfectly with a dash of our Freddy’s Famous Steakburger & Fry Seasoning®. You can even purchase some to have at home.


Top 5 Toppings and Mix-Ins of 2020:


Need a new idea for what to order on your next vanilla or chocolate sundae, concrete or shake? Check out our top toppings from 2020 below for some delicious inspiration:


5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups®

4. Cookie Dough

3. Hot Fudge

2. Oreos®

1. Strawberries