FredHead Feed: Off-the-Menu Custard Combos

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At Freddy’s, we serve our rich & creamy vanilla and chocolate custard with 32 different toppings for Guests to choose from (that’s a total of 1,471,442,973 possible combinations!). With so many options, it can be hard to pick toppings for your create-your-own sundae or concrete, so we’ve gathered a list of some of the most beloved combinations made by our FredHeads™.

Freddy's Concretes in flavors Mint & Chocolate Chip, Strawberry & Cheesecake, and Cookie Dough & Caramel

Mint & Chocolate Chips

Creamy vanilla frozen custard, mint flavoring and mini chocolate chips create the perfect, classic flavor. We recommend enjoying this combination as a concrete.

Coffee & Heath Toffee

This creation can be enjoyed in vanilla or chocolate frozen custard. With crunchy Heath® pieces and delicious coffee flavor, this blend is sure to perk up any coffee lover’s taste buds.

Strawberry & Cheesecake

Ask for our sweet strawberries and perfect cheesecake pieces to be topped or mixed with our vanilla frozen custard. This classic flavor makes the perfect treat as a sundae or concrete.

Hot Fudge & Oreo®

Thick and creamy vanilla or chocolate frozen custard, gooey hot fudge and crunchy Oreo® pieces. What could be better than that?

Hot Caramel & Cookie Dough

Vanilla frozen custard, smooth hot caramel and sweet chocolate chip cookie dough. Order it as a sundae or a concrete.

Chocolate Brownie Delight with Strawberries

Freddy's Chocolate Sundae with Oreo

Our signature Chocolate Brownie Delight packs a lot of sweetness. Chocolate frozen custard, a whole gooey brownie slice and melted hot fudge. Guests often substitute vanilla for chocolate frozen custard in this extremely chocolatey treat! Add strawberries for a perfectly sweetened dessert. Black Forest Cake lover? Switch out the strawberries for our cherry topping and voila! Black Forest Concrete!

Strawberry & Banana Shake

Any combination of frozen custard and toppings can be blended into a shake. Two common creations are a vanilla shake with delicious strawberries and thick banana slices, and our Dirt ’n Worms blended as a shake.

Ready to try one of these delicious frozen treats? Head to your local Freddy’s!


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